Animal Trainers

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We travel to the ranch of Birds & Animals Unlimited, an agency that has managed feathered and furry talent working in Hollywood for 40 years. Kim Masters talks with Mathilde de Cagney, the animal trainer specializing in dogs whose credits include TV shows like Frasier and movies like Marley & Me, Hugo and Beginners; and David Sousa, an animal trainer who's worked with the owls on the Harry Potter films and the reindeer in Fred Claus.


Mathilde de Cagney telling Kim how she works with Clyde, aka 'Marley,' of Marley & Me



David Sousa with Crash the Owl.
This is the same kind of owl that Sousa trained for the Harry Potter movies



Mathilde de Cagney with a goat she trained for the Sacha Baron Cohen movie, The Dictator




Kim Masters


Lea Thau