Hollywood's Strange Bedfellows; Actor Michael Sheen

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beckerman-qaddafi.jpgWith money drying up in Hollywood, many have looked to the Middle East. Matty Beckerman, a nice Jewish boy from New Jersey, started his Natural Selection film fund with Saadi Qaddafi, son of notorious Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, as his majority investor. We talk about this duo and how Hollywood can make for strange bedfellows. Plus, actor Michael Sheen (30 Rock, Frost/Nixon, New Moon) returns to the screen as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in the new HBO movie, The Special Relationship, which premiers May 29.  He talks about his work with screenwriter Peter Morgan, his eclectic roles and the difference between Hollywood and the film industry in the UK.

Banner image: Dennis Quaid (Bill Clinton) and Michael Sheen (Tony Blair) in HBO's The Special Relationship



Kim Masters