How Kevin Smith tried to rescue his hero Stan Lee

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Jason Mewes, Stan Lee and Kevin Smith. Photo courtesy of Kevin Smith.

Now it can be told: how filmmaker and geek Kevin Smith set out to rescue his hero, the legendary Stan Lee. Last year, Smith began to fear that the elderly co-creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man and the X-Men was being abused. Smith acted, though he felt strongly that there could be no good outcome. This week, we bring you Part 2 of our interview with Kevin Smith. He tells us about his friendship with Lee and explains why he called Kim Masters to share his concern about what was happening to Lee following the death of his beloved wife Joan. Masters pulled in her colleague, Gary Baum, who went on to write an award-winning expose. Baum also joins us to talk about that. For Kevin Smith, as you’ll hear, the whole story was absolutely heartbreaking.



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