Joseph Gordon Levitt on TV; A Sundance Crash Course

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The multi-talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosts, produces, directs, and performs in the new variety show HitRECord on television. The show airs on Pivot, the new cable network from Participant Media and is produced by Gordon-Levitt's "open collaborative production company," HitRECord. Thousands of artists contribute to the show from around the world and they all get paid. Gordon-Levitt talks with The Business producer Darby Maloney about how it works and what influences this way of making art. Then, Kim Masters talks with indie producer Cassian Elwes (Dallas Buyers Club) as he gives unknown screenwriter Matthew Hickman a crash course in the film business at Sundance. Hickman was recently awarded a screenwriting fellowship by Elwes in collaboration with the Black List.

Banner image courtesy HitRECord