Kevin Smith on Weinstein and indie filmmaking 25 years after ‘Clerks’

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Kevin Smith in his home office. Photo by Kaitlin Parker/KCRW.

Twenty-five years after Harvey Weinstein bought Kevin Smith’s low-budget indie film ‘Clerks,’ so much has changed. But in spite of Smith’s insistence that he’s behind the times, he’s always found ways to get his movies made--including his newest, ‘Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.’ We sat down with Smith at his house in the Hollywood Hills as he was preparing to set out on a 60-stop, cross-country roadshow. He told us about so many things--his long relationship with Harvey Weinstein, the struggle of dealing with the serious drug problems of Jason Mewes, who plays Jay to Smith’s Silent Bob, and the heart attack that almost did Smith in last year. 



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