Randall Poster on life as a music supervisor, plus WBD’s struggles

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Randall Poster has used his musical expertise and connections to create The Birdsong Project - an album containing 242 tracks that celebrates the sound of bird songs and helps us understand our impact on birds and the environmental threats they face. Photo Credit: Luke Franke/Audubon

To pay debt, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is licensing HBO original series to Netflix, and fires the head of TCM. Meanwhile, Disney/Pixar’s “Elemental” underperforms at the box office. Kim Masters and Matt Belloni break down what it all means and the potential impacts.

NPR contributor and guest interviewer Jeff Lunden talks to music supervisor Randall Poster about his career in film and television, his work with Martin Scorsese over the years, his long relationship with Wes Anderson, and why finding the right music for a project is a deeply collaborative process.



Kim Masters