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Lisa Kudrow and her producing partner, Dan Bucatinsky, talk with freelance journalist Ari Karpel about their working partnership and transforming their webseries, Web Therapy" into a TV show.  Karpel's articles have appeared in the New York Times, the Advocate and Fast Company. He wrote about Kudrow and Web Therapy for the August issue of Out magazine.  Since 2008, Web Therapy -- in which Kudrow plays an ineffectual therapist who practices three-minute sessions via webcam-- has aired online at LStudio, an entertainment site run by Lexus, the car company.  And now those mini-webisodes have been compiled into half-hour episodes to begin airing on Showtime July 19. Kudrow and Bucatinsky talk about the origin of the series and about how they came to be partners after Friends went off the air.  Plus, we air a story told at the live Story Slam we hosted with The Moth on July 6 in Santa Monica.  In this story, Tim Lopez shares his experiences of being a three-time game show contestant who never wins the grand prize.

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