Liz Feldman on ‘Dead to Me,’ a funny show about grief

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Liz Feldman, creator of 'Dead to Me' on Netflix Photo courtesy of Netflix

When veteran TV writer Liz Feldman took a casual meeting with some producers a couple of years ago, she was told she didn’t need to bring along any specific ideas. The previous week a close family member had died unexpectedly and, after years of fertility treatments, Feldman had learned she was, once again, not pregnant. So when she showed up for the meeting, she was immersed in loss--and blindsided when she was asked to pitch some new ideas after all. A seasoned improvisor, Feldman delivered. That quick pitch eventually turned into the Netflix series ‘Dead to Me’--a funny show about grief and friendship. Feldman tells us about a twisty career path that led to her twisty turny new show.



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