‘Mulan,’ ‘Tenet,’ and awards season

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This year’s awards season is moving forward with virtual campaigns, festivals and ceremonies. Photo by Oscars.

The pandemic has posed major challenges to the entertainment industry, such as  how to release big-budget pictures and how to manage the awards season.

Warner Bros. took a huge risk by releasing “Tenet” in theaters at the insistence of director Christopher Nolan, while Disney experimented with its live-action “Mulan” by releasing it on their streaming service Disney+. Analyst Rich Greenfield of Lightshed Partners says that this reflects where the industry has been headed for years, but that neither release was a success.

Meanwhile, this year’s award season is underway, and the Hollywood Reporter’s awards columnist Scott Feinberg has been keeping tabs on the planning for the Emmys ceremony, as well as the virtual film festivals and campaigns leading up to the Oscars.



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