Eliza Hittman’s ‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’

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Sidney Flanigan stars as Autumn in "Never Rarely Sometimes Always." Photo courtesy of Focus Features.

Filmmaker Eliza Hittman knew she’d have trouble getting financing for her art house abortion drama, “Never Rarely Sometimes Always.” She didn’t think it helped that she kept finding herself pitching to rooms full of men. Even companies that were supposed to focus on "issue movies" weren't interested in an abortion storyline. 

Hittman eventually got her money and her film — which features an astonishing performance by a young woman who had never acted and didn’t particularly want to. The movie got rave reviews at Sundance and won the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. 

“Never Rarely Sometimes Always” was set for a theatrical release in March, but the coronavirus pandemic made that impossible. It’s not the experience Hittman imagined, but now Focus Features has released her movie on demand. Just before shelter-at-home went into effect, we talked to Hittman about her award-winning film.



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