Noah Oppenheim on writing 'Jackie' and running NBC's 'Today'

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Noah Oppenheim thought he was living a screenwriter's dream when Darren Aronofsky agreed to direct Jackie, the first film Oppenheim had ever written. But the project stalled for years until Aronofsky handed it off to Chilean director Pablo Larrain. Now the film is out, and Natalie Portman is on the short list for her portrayal of the first lady. Oppenheim tells about his experience with Jackie, as well as his exceptionally varied career. He worked in TV news, quit to work as an executive in reality television, quit that to be a full-time screenwriter, and then went full circle back to TV where he's now in charge of NBC's Today show.

Photo: Noah Oppenheim, Jackie screenwriter and NBC senior vice president, in charge of Today.



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