'Once Upon A Time' Creators; 'House' Medical Advisor

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Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz give us their 'breaking in' story. They met at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and came up through the ranks by way of writing jobs on shows including Felicity and Lost. But their education in the business began at the bottom. Kitsis was an assistant to the powerful and infamously difficult producers, Joel Silver and Scott Rudin, while Horowitz started in the mail room of a boutique agency. Now they've written the screenplay to Tron: Legacy and have a show on ABC, Once Upon A Time.

John Sotos is a doctor who works on medical devices in Silicon Valley, but has also been a technical medical advisor to the Fox show House for five seasons. He talks about landing this job and his passion for reading about bizarre medical phenomena, his book, Zebra Cards: An Aid to Obscure Diagnosis, and how he'll miss working with the House writers when the show ends later this month.




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- Releasing movies like The Avengers and Battleship overseas before the US is the new model
- What was up at the New Fronts? The digital, online content distributors chance to present their programming to advertisers


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Banner image: John Sotos, medical technical advisor on House, and author of Zebra Cards: An Aid To Obscure Diagnosis



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