Pablo Azar on why acting in Spanish means no union benefits

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Actor Pablo Azar is a star in the world of Spanish-language soap operas -- he's been in 10 of them. His telenovela characters live in a world of luxury, but Azar says working non-union jobs on Telemundo has left him without benefits or residuals. That's why he, like many other telenovela actors, has had to work outside jobs. He tells us about getting recognized by fans while driving for Uber. Then, before Jonas Cuarón worked with his father Alfonso on the award-winning Gravity, he wrote a script for a thriller set on the US-Mexico border. Now, he's brought that story to life with Desierto, Mexico's submission for the best foreign-language Oscar. He and star Gael García Bernal tell us how their genre film turned unexpectedly political in this election year. 

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