Pamela Adlon on 'Better Things' and collaborator Louis C.K.

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The timing of this episode of The Business has presented us with an unusual predicament. We talked with Pamela Adlon just days before the New York Times broke a story alleging that her collaborator on Better Things, Louis C.K, had a history of sexual misconduct. Rumors were already swirling and we felt compelled to ask her to address them. You will hear what she had to say before the Times story broke. We circled back to see if she wanted to alter her comments, but got no immediate response. C.K. has since released a statement saying the stories from the five women published in the Times are true.

We do still talk to Adlon her about her award-winning show, and her own experience working in the industry, starting when she was just a kid. Also, a speed-round news banter, where we rip through all kinds of crazy news in these crazy times.

Photo: Pamela Adlon, co-creator and star of Better Things



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