Hollywood news banter: ‘The Hunt’ is back on

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  • The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Universal had set a new release date in March for the Jason Blum horror-satire movie “The Hunt.” The film was originally supposed to open last fall. But Universal shelved it after The Hollywood Reporter wrote about ESPN pulling ads for the “The Hunt” following a weekend of back-to-back mass shootings. The movie is extremely violent and involves liberal elites hunting so-called “deplorables.” But filmmakers insist the movie is a satire that makes fun of people on both sides of the political spectrum. 
  • There’s a new film division in town. Warner Max will be a “unique joint venture” between Warner Bros. film studio and the HBO Max streaming service. The plan is to release 10 mid-budget films per year for the streaming service, but it’s not clear how parent company Warner Media will determine what is a theatrical film and what goes to the streamer. 




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