Randy Newman's Oscar Run; White Producer of Urban Comedies

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Composer-singer-songwriter Randy Newman has had 20 Oscar nominations and one win. This year he's nominated in the Best Song category for "We Belong Together" from Toy Story 3. But despite his success he says he wishes he was really good. Newman talks about performing at the Oscars, which he calls a "fourth rate vaudeville show," and compares himself with his uncle the legendary film composer Alfred Newman. Then, the producer behind the Big Momma's House franchise, talks about being a white guy in the urban comedy business. David Friendly's made a range of films from the 1991 hit My Girl, to the Denzel Washington-Meg Ryan drama Courage under Fire to the Oscar-nominated Little Miss Sunshine. Lately his niche has been producing comedies starring African American comedians; six of his last seven films have been in that genre. Friendly is well aware that these movies haven't been critical darlings but they've kept him in the game during challenging times in the movie business.

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Kim Masters