Ryan O’Connell's new Netflix comedy series is ‘Special’

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Ryan O'Connell, creator and star of 'Special.' Photo courtesy of Netflix

For years, Ryan O’Connell was in the closet: not because he’s gay, which he is, but because he was ashamed of having cerebral palsy.  His cover? He’d been hit by a car--which was true. But eventually, that lie took a toll. O'Connell wrote a book about his life, and now, with his Netflix show ‘Special,’ O’Connell is out in a big way. He tells us about the 4-year struggle to find a home for his autobiographical comedy. In 2015, when he set out to pitch it, no one wanted to touch a gay disability comedy. But four years later, the world may be ready for Ryan O’Connell and his new Netflix series ‘Special.’



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