Bigger Banter: SAG-AFTRA strikes, Bob Iger extends contract

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Illustration by Gabby Quarante/KCRW

SAG-AFTRA has joined the picket lines alongside the WGA, just a few days after an anonymous source from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers described the studio’s endgame: to let writers “go broke” before talks resume in the fall. The story dropped just as a federal mediator was assigned to negotiations between the studios and the actor’s guild. 

On this special Bigger Banter edition, Kim Masters and Puck News founder Matt Belloni analyze the explosive article that may have accelerated the standstill, as well as the actor’s demands. They also look into the repercussions of a shutdown at a perilous time in Hollywood, as Disney’s CEO Bob Iger announces a contract extension that will keep him in his current position until 2026. Plus, the summer box office heats up.

Many KCRW staff are members of SAG-AFTRA, though we are under a separate contract from the agreement at issue between actors and studios.




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