Sally Wainwright on her new HBO-BBC series ‘Gentleman Jack’

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Suranne Jones as Anne Lister and Sophie Rundle as Ann Walker in Sally Wainwright's 'Gentleman Jack.' Photo credit: Matt Squire/HBO

Growing up in West Yorkshire, Sally Wainwright visited the historic home of Anne Lister, but learned nothing about the extraordinary 19th century businesswoman and gay-marriage pioneer. Once she did, years later, Wainwright wanted to make a series about Lister’s life. But she only got the chance after creating the hit crime show 'Happy Valley.' Now, Wainwright has finally brought Lister to life in ‘Gentleman Jack,’ her new BBC-HBO series. She tells us about reading Lister’s 5 million word diary--the sexy parts were written in code--and about the critical lessons she learned writing British soaps early in her career.



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