Former Scott Rudin assistants allege abusive behavior and call out stars who have stayed silent

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Producer Scott Rudin (center) with Ethan Coen (left) and Joel Coen (right) with Oscars for “No Country For Old Men” at the 2008 Academy Awards. Rudin has been accused of abusive workplace behavior for decades. Now former assistants are going on the record. Photo by Everett Collection / Shutterstock

Producer Scott Rudin's bullying has long been an open secret in Hollywood, and now it’s going public.  

Rudin’s former staffer Evan Davis says, “It’s war time. When you’re there, all you’re thinking about is how you survive it.” 

Davis, Max Hoffman and Eileen Klomhaus are part of the recent wave of former Rudin employees going on the record about their ex-boss’ behavior following a cover story in The Hollywood Reporter.  

They remember being yelled at, belittled, and gaslighted. And they call out the stars who have been silent, even as other outlets published more allegations of Rudin’s workplace abuse. 



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