Selling at Sundance; Jeff Bridges' Stand-In

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John Sloss, one of the Sundance Film Festival's most seasoned players, gives a window into selling movies as the independent film world struggles to recover.  He talks about diversifying his business last year by distributing the documentary Exit through the Giftshop, and how that was both a solid business decision and a wild ride because Banksy, the famously secretive street artist behind the film, was in charge of all the marketing yet refused to talk with him.  Then we meet Loyd Catlett, Jeff Bridges' longtime stand-in and stunt double. After some 50 odd movies together Catlett talks about being at peace in the shadow of "The Dude," getting his head shaved for Iron Man, and the security of knowing that when the next gig comes he'll be there.

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Loyd Catlett and Jeff Bridges




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