Showrunner Damon Lindelof on HBO’s ‘Watchmen’

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Damon Lindelof at KCRW. Photo credit: Andrew Weilert.

Alan Moore, writer of the 1980s ‘Watchmen’ comic series, has been very clear: no ‘Watchmen’ movie or TV show has his blessing. That includes the new series on HBO. Keenly aware of that, ‘Watchmen’ showrunner Damon Lindelof believes Moore may have put a curse on him. Seriously. Lindelof thought he really shouldn’t do the series but still he did--create an updated version of ‘Watchmen.’ Critics love it, the alt right hates it, and it’s delivering solid ratings for HBO. Lindelof--a passionate, lifelong ‘Watchmen’ fan--tells us why he said yes when asked, for the third time, to tackle this project.



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