Spurlock Produces for the Internet; What's in a TV Pilot?

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Morgan Spurlock talks about producing non-fiction web series for the Internet. He has two shows online now: a Hulu series, A Day in the Life and Failure Club, which is on Yahoo.com.  A Day in the Life involves spending a day with people like comedian Marc Maron and Questlove from The Roots for a day in their lives. In Failure Club he tracks people over the course of a year as they pursue a lifelong dream.

Plus, as we're at the end of pilot season we re-air the feature from journalist Ari Karpel about how to make a TV pilot that makes the cut. People like Steve Levitan, co-creator of Modern Family, and director-producer Todd Holland of Malcolm in the Middle weigh in on the elusive process of making comedy pilots and on pilot season in general.

Today's Banter Topics:
- Gary Ross will not direct the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire
- Mel Gibson goes head-to-head with writer Joe Eszterhas over The Maccabees
- Kate Winslet's breasts are censored from Titanic in China


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