'Suburgatory:' From Pitch to Pilot to Hit Show

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It's pilot season in Hollywood. We get a window into the process by which an idea goes from pitch, to pilot, to series by looking at one show that successfully navigated the journey last year-- the ABC comedy, Suburgatory. We visit the set to talk with show creator Emily Kapnek and Suburgatory stars Jeremy Sisto and Cheryl HinesSaul Gonzalez guest hosts.

Today's Banter Topics:
- Steven Spielberg's Bad Week: In TV, Terra Nova canceled, numbers down for Smash and The River. Plus, in film, grim expectations for Dreamworks' Eddie Murphy film, A Thousand Words
- Documentary Bully gets R-Rating which generates controversy – again -- over the MPAA's policy on language versus sex and violence
- Michigan customer sues movie theaters over high concession prices


Banner image: ABC's Suburgatory stars Rex Lee (Mr. Wolfe), Carly Chaikin (Dalia Royce), Cheryl Hines (Dallas Royce), Jeremy Sisto (George Altman), Jane Levy (Tessa Altman), Alan Tudyk (Noah Werner) and Allie Grant (Lisa Shay).  Photo © ABC/BobD'Amico