Telling the Sarah Palin Story on HBO

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Director Jay Roach and writer Danny Strong, the team behind HBO's award-winning movie Recount, turn the Sarah Palin Pygmalian story into an HBO movie. Based on the bestselling book, Game Change, written by John Heileman and Mark Halperin, HBO's film focuses on the dynamics within the McCain campaign after they tapped the little-known Governor from Alaska as his running mate. Ed Harris plays McCain; his campaign strategist, Steve Schmidt, is played by Woody Harrelson; and Julianne Moore channels Sarah Palin. Roach and Strong talk about how they got into making these political dramas for HBO -- Roach is known for broad comedies like Austin Powers and Meet the Parents, and Strong has worked mostly as an actor – and they confront the accusations they’ve already gotten from the Palin camp.

Game Change premieres on HBO March 10.

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Banner image: (L-R) Jay Roach and Danny Strong on the set of Game Change. Photo by Phillip V. Caruso/HBO



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