'The Beaver' Producer Steve Golin on Working with Mel Gibson

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Producer Steve Golin's new movie, The Beaver, stars Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster. It was supposed to be released last year in time to qualify for an Oscar run and certainly Gibson's performance as a depressed man who communicates through a hand-puppet would, under normal circumstances, attract awards buzz. But last July, with the infamous tapes of him ranting at his ex-girlfriend out on the Internet the movie's release was postponed indefinitely. Now, less than seven months later, the public is focused on its daily dose of Charlie Sheen, Gibson has settled his trouble with the law and The Beaver will roll into theaters on Friday, May 6. Steve Golin talks with us about making and marketing an offbeat dramatic comedy with a troubled star and about his long history of collaborating with creative types from Michel Gondry to David Fincher.

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Banner image. Steve Golin, Rob Friedman (Co-Chairman of Summit Entertainment) and Jodie Foster on the set of The Beaver. Photo: Ken Regan, Copyright © 2009 Summit Entertainment LLC, All Rights Reserved



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