The Brothers Duplass Go Studio Redux

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We revisit our conversation with filmmaking brothers Jay and Mark Duplass, whose movie, Cyrus, (which comes out on DVD December 14) marked a turning point in their careers.  They'd made feature films but never before with studio backing, never with known actors and never with significant budgets.  As darlings of the indie world and trailblazers in the mumblecore filmmaking style they gained acclaim at festivals and on blogs but now they're rising stars in Hollywood. They're currently in post production on their next film, Jeff Who Lives at Home, starring Jason Segel, produced by Jason Reitman and distributed by Paramount.  Still, they try to stay true to their mumblecore aesthetic, using improvisation and shooting in a documentary-like fashion.

Today's Banter Topics:

Netflix pushes streaming movies over DVD's
Miramax looks to distribute it's library digitally through Google's YouTube
Warner Bros plans to reboot the movie Buffy The Vampire Slayer without Joss Wedon & his reaction




Banner image: Filmmakers/brothers Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass on the set of Cyrus





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