‘The Other Two’ creators Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly on the return of their pop culture send-up

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Co-creators Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider on the set of “The Other Two.” Season two of the series, which makes fun of celebrity culture, debuted on HBO Max. Photograph by Greg Endries/HBO Max

The pop culture satire “The Other Two” follows the trials of the older, struggling siblings of a 13-year-old overnight pop sensation. The series creators knew the first season got lost in the shuffle when it ran on Comedy Central. For season two, the show moved to HBO Max, and is a lot easier to find.

Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, former “Saturday Night Live” head writers and creators of “The Other Two,” tell KCRW they were thrilled with the show’s move to HBO Max, but initially had no idea it was happening. 

“It all happened completely independent of us,” Schneider says. “We just got a phone call one day.” 

Schneider and Kelly also talk about shooting part of their series in the  pre-pandemic days, then being shut down, and returning to film a year later. And they share how they choose which celebrities to skewer, and why they have no qualms about including a lot of frank sex talk on their show.



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