The Year in Film and Television: 2014 Edition

It seems all but certain that within the entertainment industry, 2014 will be remembered as the year of the Sony hack. But there were other big stories that dominated the news: the downfall of TV comedy icon Bill Cosby, tragedy on the set of Midnight Rider, the changing television model and of course, the growing clout of China into the movie business.

2014 saw a down year at the box office, but that hasn't stopped big studios from announcing upcoming superhero movies from now until 2020. And the superheroes aren't limited to the big screen, they're showing up more on TV as well, to mixed results.

Plus, changes in late night TV, Stephen Colbert says goodbye to The Colbert Report as he moves to take David Letterman's place on CBS. And Chelsea Handler, the lone lady of late night will take a show to Netflix.

Kim Masters, Matt Belloni and Mike Schneider talk all this and more, on this final episode of 2014.

Photo: Vector Graphics