The year in film and television: 2016 edition

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This year saw media companies aiming to stay big or get even bigger. There’s the highly likely AT&T-Time Warner merger. And while there was talk of CBS and Viacom combining, that deal is off for now. At the box office, Disney wins movies. And Netflix aims for world domination.

Of course, there was also this year’s presidential election, which crossed paths with the entertainment industry like never before. At Fox, Megyn Kelly brought down the seemingly invincible Roger Ailes. And following #OscarsSoWhite, movies still try to get more diverse in front of and behind the camera.

Kim Masters, Matt Belloni and Mike Schneider talk all this and more, on our final episode of 2016.

Photo: (L-R) The Business banter buddies Michael Schneider, Kim Masters and Matt Belloni at the KCRW studios. 




Kim Masters


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