TIFF; What's in a Movie Name?

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We take in premieres, parties and press junkets at the  Toronto International Film Festival.  First, Kim Masters goes inside a junket where she interviews Tony Goldwyn, director of Conviction about working a festival. Then she's off to an industry party where Nigel Cole, director of Made in Dagenham, compares this year's TIFF experience to two years ago when he was promoting a film financed by David Bergstein and Capitol Films, whose financial troubles left the movie in jeopardy. Cole offers a fascinating story about Bergstein, the man he says "was one of the most extraordinary characters I ever met in this industry" and how relieved he is to be with Sony Pictures Classics on this one. We also learn why original title for Cole's Made in Dagenham had been We Want Sex -- and why it changed. 

Today's Banter Topics:
Changes at The Hollywood Reporter
Deals at The Toronto International Film Festival

Conviction opens October 15




Made in Dagenham opens November 19



Kim Masters