Director Garrett Bradley and Concordia Studio’s Rahdi Taylor on ‘Time’

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The documentary “Time,” directed by Garrett Bradley, follows activist Fox Rich as she fights for her husband Rob’s release from prison. . Photo courtesy Amazon Studios

Garrett Bradley's documentary “Time,” about one woman’s fight to release her husband from prison, was an award winner at Sundance last year and is considered a top Oscar contender. The film missed out on a big theatrical run because of the pandemic, but for Bradley, a streaming release on Amazon worked just fine. 

“This is an issue that affects a majority of our country. And so, it needs to be in a place that is as accessible as James Bond. … It needs to be as accessible as buying deodorant,” Bradley says. 

Bradley explains that “Time” was originally going to be a short film until it demanded more … time. 

Rahdi Taylor is one of the people who convinced Bradley that “Time” should be a full-length feature. Taylor supported the film as head of the Artists in Residence fellowship program at Concordia Studio. Bradley was one of Concordia's first fellows. 

And the news banter this week: Sundance looks a little different this year.



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