Instability at WarnerMedia, revisiting ‘Disclosure’ with Laverne Cox and Sam Feder

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Executive producer Laverne Cox in director Sam Feder’s documentary “Disclosure.” Photo by Ava Benjamin Shorr / Netflix

Kim Masters and Matt Belloni offer a fresh banter about the current awkwardness at WarnerMedia. The company is set to spin off from AT&T and merge with Discovery, but the deal will be delayed while undergoing federal review. 

In the meantime, WarnerMedia is going all-in on the marketing push encouraging viewers to see Jon M. Chu’s new movie “In The Heights” in theaters, even though the company is sticking by its plan to put all its 2021 movies on HBO Max the same day they’re released on the big screen. 

And The Business replays a conversation with director Sam Feder and executive producer Laverne Cox about their documentary “Disclosure,” which explores the history of trans representation in Hollywood. 

Cox and Feder talk about hiring an almost all-trans crew to make “Disclosure,” which is now a finalist for a Peabody Award. 



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