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Jake in Edgemont, South Dakota. Image by Stefano Galli.

Growing up in Italy, photographer and filmmaker Stefano Galli’s ideas about America were informed by his love of movies and his dad’s tales of being an exchange student in Jacksonville, Illinois. After moving to the United States, Stefano set out on a cross-country road trip to see if he could capture his own version of America on film.

He didn’t have a real plan, just some general rules. He stuck to the small highways, going as far as a full tank of gas would get him each day. He asked the people he encountered to say whatever they wanted...or nothing at all; no matter what, the camera would roll for around three minutes, which was the amount of time contained on a cartridge for of the 16-millimeter camera he’d brought with him on the road. Two cross country trips later, “Lamerica” is an elegant, refreshing patchwork of landscapes and people, and a compelling portrait of an America that can only be found where the rubber meets the road.

More info:

  • For a limited time, “Lamerica” is streaming on Vimeo.
01-Marfa, Texas.png
Marfa, Texas. Image by Stefano Galli.

Duck Hunters. Image by Stefano Galli.

Alpine, Wyoming. Image by Stefano Galli.

Truck with flag. Image by Stefano Galli.

Stefano shakes hands with the Louisiana hunter who’d aimed his gun at him moments before.
Image courtesy of Stefano Galli.
06- By the Badlands in South Dakota.jpg
By the Badlands in South Dakota. Image by Stefano Galli.

Stefano's camera in Wyoming. Image by Stefano Galli.

Film states. Image by Stefano Galli.

Documentary clips in today’s intro:

  • 20 Feet from Stardom (2013): Morgan Neville brings to the big screen some of the incredible backup singers we’ve been hearing in our favorite songs for years in this Oscar winner. (Amazon, Google Play, iTunes)
  • The Battle of Midway (1942): One of the very first documentaries to win an Oscar, John Ford’s film was supposed to be a project about life on an isolated military base, but ended up capturing the Battle of Midway as it unfolded. (Amazon)
  • Tig (2015): Comedian Tig Notaro searches for humor in the year following her lauded 2012 stand-up set in which she announced her breast cancer diagnosis. (Netflix)




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