The Document

The Document is KCRW's new kind of mashup of documentaries and radio - telling addictive, real life, right now stories.

An Italian filmmaker drives across the country looking for his vision of America.

A notorious dictator demands a recut of the documentary about him – or else.

What happens when a prodigy chef realizes his dream, at 19?

Will the cameras kill Alex Honnold on his free solo climb of El Cap?

A filmmaker steps out from behind the camera to interview his mom about his family’s excruciating past.

The toxic pit that’s the country’s largest Superfund site is a painful reminder of the corruption of Montana’s Copper Kings...and a warning of what corporate spending can still do to…

A Grand Slam of an interview with tennis coaching legend Nick Bollettieri. [Explicit Content]

The perks and perils of growing up in the family business, traveling the world and making documentary films.

A filmmaker and composer pull back the curtain on how they use music to shape the way we experience documentaries.

A story about a Neil Simon play gone bad - and the documentary that was going to make everything better. [Explicit language]

Brian Watts went to prison when he was 18. When he got out on parole, he was 42, and on a mission to find love - for the very first time.

The world's top student scientists converge at the Olympics of science fairs.