Preschool Panic

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The Satanic Temple's Baphomet statue. Courtesy of The Satanic Temple.

Penny Lane (yes, that is her real name), the director of the funny, thought-provoking new documentary "Hail Satan?" tells the story of the modern Satanic Temple. But this week, she tells the story of what happened before the Temple: the Satanic Panic of the 1980s. More than 130 people went to prison for the heinous, ritualized abuse of small children. Except, it was all hysteria. The crimes never happened.

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Documentary clips in today’s intro:

  • The Grace Lee Project (2005): Filmmaker Grace Lee deconstructs an Asian-American stereotype in her funny and revealing film where she meets and talks to other Grace Lees across America. (Kanopy, Vimeo)
  • Nobody’s Business (1996): A filmmaker spars with his aging father over the significance of their family history in Alan Berliner’s refreshingly original doc. (Kanopy, Vudu)
  • The Marilyn Monroe Story (1963): Made not long after her death and narrated by Mike Wallace, this short doc about Marilyn Monroe’s life is as much a document of its time as it is a telling of Norma Jean’s story. (Amazon, YouTube)




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