The Three Owls: The Face of Evil

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A documentary filmmaker follows a real life exorcist in search of evil…but what happens if he finds it? Harris Fishman's first documentary, Cat Dancers, was a heartbreaking film made powerful by his "no judgments," open-minded approach. For his latest project, Harris is on a quest to understand the nature of evil. He's been following a real life exorcist, who finally agreed to let Harris and his crew bear witness to an exorcism. And what happened there is…worrying.

Note: This story contains explicit language.

Documentary clips in today's intro:
Southern Comfort: Kate Davis' powerful record of the final days of Robert Eads, a transgender man dying of ovarian cancer in rural Georgia. (Snagfilms)
Don't Look Back: D.A. Pennebaker's famous documentary follows a 23-year-old Bob Dylan on stage and behind the scenes of his 1965 UK tour. (Amazon, iTunes)
Iris: Albert Maysles' portrait of legendary fashion icon, interior designer, and free spirit Iris Apfel. (Amazon, iTunes)
Cane Toads: An Unnatural History: This cult favorite/ecological horror story traces the consequences of the introduction of cane toads to Australia. (YouTube)

Documentary featured in this episode:
Cat Dancers (iTunes)




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