Moth Radio Hour 203

A man in a mid-life crisis takes a terrifying parachute jump; an Iraq war veteran comes out of the closet; a daughter "pulls the plug" on her ailing father; a fireman tries to save two children; and a would-be Romeo laments the agony of platonic love.

Andy Christie: "It's Not the Fall That Gets You" - Mid-Life Parachute Jump
Daniel Choi: "Don't Tell, Martha!" - War Veteran decides to honor The Honor Code and comes out
Vikki Kelleher: "Tell Him It's OK to Go" - Woman at her father's deathbed
Tom Ziegler: "Fireman's Remorse" - With no engine backup, a fireman is unable to save two kids
Brian Finkelstein: "How I Earned My Bitter Badge" - Falling in love with an engaged woman

Hosted by The Moth's Senior Producer, Jenifer Hixson.

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