Unexpected gifts of December

  • Adam Ruben is at a loss when it comes to buying Christmas gifts.
  • Pierre Epstein (pictured) is a little boy tracking the progress of his Uncle Igor's escape from Nazi-occupied France.
  • Ed McCarthy breaks into the house he grew up in to rescue a precious box of Christmas decorations.
  • Katie Fales' grandfather is a rancher who was to rescue a bunch of stranded steer.
  • Catherine McCarthy finally admits she's homesick during Christmas in Thailand.
  • David Freiberg and his son are amazed by an accidental forest during a blizzard in NYC.
  • Denise Scheurmann has a terminally ill father but her neighbors don't forget to light her Christmas luminaries.

Hosted by The Moth's Executive Producer, Sarah Austin Jenness.

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Photo; Jason Falchook