Chelsea Manning on life after prison, Plus Riz Ahmed

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Chelsea Manning's leak of nearly seven hundred and fifty thousand military and diplomatic documents made WikiLeaks a household name. Less than five months after her release from military prison, she sat down with The New Yorker's Larissa MacFarquhar. Manning described the quick, desperate decision that led her to choose Wikileaks: "I was running out of time," she said. "They just had the tools available, they knew how to use them. That's all it boiled down to. I had to go back to Iraq." But Manning would like to put the controversies around the leak behind her, and to spend the next phase of her life as an advocate for trans people.

Also this week, the British actor, rapper, and activist Riz Ahmed talks about his Emmy-winning role in "The Night Of," and his appearance on "The Hamilton Mixtape." Any distinction between political and nonpolitical art, Ahmed says, is just "a fallacy, a dangerous fallacy."

Illustration by Rebecca Mock