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A commentary on sports.

This year's NFL Draft holds the promise of teams licking their chops at mining a wealth of quarterback prospects.

Let's call this Ladies Day here on The Score.

With the end of the NFL season comes a collective American depression. Millions of us are football junkies and the withdrawal, post Super Bowl, can be cruel.

Christina Aguilera’s flubbing of the National Anthem has drawn equal billing to any football news, post Super Bowl.

To paraphrase a feminist concept of male resistance to the growing power of women in our society, it has been said "the stronger women get, the more men love football."

NFL players speak of the Super Bowl Ring in reverent tones. The Ring is their Holy Grail. You can listen to all the former players.

This is the quintessential story that proves the enormous muscle of today's Social Media. O.K.

Bud Greenspan, the award-winning Olympic filmmaker, died on Christmas Day. The eulogies and obituaries have poured forth. High praise for his many, beautiful works of art.