The Comedy Crisis; The Walking Dead; Social TV

This edition of the new monthly all TV podcast from KCRW’s The Business asks the questions: is there a comedy crisis on TV? What can the business learn from The Walking Dead? Social TV: How important is Twitter and Facebook to the fate of a TV show?



The State of TV Comedy

What’s gone wrong with NBC’s comedy bloc? Why doesn’t it just go with niche comedies like 30 Rock? Do today’s TV viewers prefer niche comedies --like Veep and Louie-- found on cable channels over the broadcast’s broad fare?  

The Walking Dead Phenomenon

The Walking Dead had 16 million viewers tune in for it’s Season four premiere. How did this zombie show that has graphic violence and kills off major characters become such a hit? Plus, how has this series continued strong even while it’s gone through continuous showrunner turnover?  

Social TV: Twitter, Facebook and the Second Screen

TV executives love Twitter because it’s essentially free advertising for their shows. Does TV chatter on social networks lead to tune-in or just brand awareness (ie: Sharknado)?


End of Show "Downloads":

  • ■ AJ: Scandal merits watching.
  • ■ Joe: Sleepy Hollow is the sleeper hit of the season.
  • ■ Michael: Aereo could disrupt the TV business.