The Evolution of Streaming and a Late-Night Check-In

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We're squeezing in one more episode before the holidays start in full force -- and we're not the only ones doing the squeezing. Networks are trying to fit in more shows, on air and online, cable and internet providers are trying to squeeze a few more dollars out of their customers, and CBS is squeezing Stephen Colbert in a big hug -- telling him he'll do great after the Super Bowl. We get to all that and more in this episode of the Spin-off.

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Oriana: Marvel's Jessica Jones comes to Netflix on Friday, November 20, and the show represents an evolution in the female action hero. Perhaps the best part of all? She doesn't wear heels.

Joe: Showtime's Homeland is in the middle of a two-season resurgence. If you stopped watching the show around season three, consider re-joining now. The strong stories and suspense from the earlier seasons are back.

Mike: A very happy 50th anniversary to A Charlie Brown Christmas. The beloved holiday classic will air on ABC on Monday, November 30.




Kaitlin Parker