Amy Brenneman: The Leftovers

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Amy Brenneman has long been a fixture of the small screen. Her characters have varied, from NYPD Blue to Judging Amy to Private Practice, but one thing they've all shared was an affinity to the moral high ground... until now. Brenneman's latest role is Laurie Garvey on HBO's new series, The Leftovers, a woman whose notion of right and wrong is considerably more complicated. We follow Garvey as she deals with the aftermath of The Departure (where 2% of the world's population inexplicably disappears) by joining a cult-like group called the Guilty Remnant. A religions major at Harvard, Brennaman was poised to approach her character from a psychological perspective. She talks about the "private, isolating, and strange process" of playing Garvey. The Leftovers, which was just renewed by HBO for a second season, concludes its first on September 7th.

Banner image courtesy of HBO