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Whether its middle school principal Terrence Cutler on HBO's Eastbound & Down, or 'Brad the Friendly Homeowner' on Reno 911!, comedian Andy Daly has a knack for playing cheerfully intense characters with absolutely no self-awareness. In his new Comedy Central mockumentary series Review, Daly plays Forrest MacNeil, a former film critic who no longer reviews movies. Instead, he reviews life, using what he believes to be his own unique insights into all kinds of different life experiences, which are chosen by his viewers. As a kid growing up in a 'lovely tree-lined suburban town' in Northern New Jersey, Daly was absolutely fascinated by the civic life of small-town suburbia. His characters usually start as almost a parody of that all-American archetype, but with an almost David Lynchian dark side. "To me, the idea of somebody going to the town council meeting, and the going home and having bodies buried under the house? Nothing could be better."



Banner image: (L-R) Andy Daly and Fred Willard. Photo: Michael Yarish

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