Anjelica Huston: A Story Lately Told

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tt140108book.jpgAnjelica Huston grew up in a large estate in the Irish countryside. Her father, director John Huston, was often away making movies, and her mother, dancer Enrica Soma, was often in London with friends. As a result, Anjelica and her brother spent a lot of time with the kitchen staff, drinking tea and polishing silverware. When the Huston's were home, however, the house took on a new life, with late night parties and performances, and guests including Peter O'Toole, John Steinbeck and Marlon Brando. Huston talks about how she negotiated these extremes of joyful exuberance and quiet solitude as a young child. Plus, why she hasn't had much luck directing movies, and how she achieve a tone that so closely echoed herself as a young girl in her new memoir, A Story Lately Told.




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