‘Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama,’ ‘Game Theory with Bomani Jones’ and why ‘The Godfather’ resonates with Native American writer Sierra Teller Ornelas

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Bob Odenkirk. Photo credit: Sharon Alagna

This week on The Treatment, Elvis welcomes actor Bob Odenkirk, star of “Better Call Saul,” which is in its final season on AMC. Odenkirk also wrote the memoir “Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama” about his long and ultimately satisfying career in television. Next, Bomani Jones, host of HBO’s “Game Theory with Bomani Jones,” talks about the challenge in having nuanced conversations about the intersection of sports and culture. And finally, on The Treat, “Rutherford Falls” co-creator Sierra Teller Ornelas talks about the impact of the film “The Godfather” on her as a storyteller.



Rebecca Mooney