Eli Roth: Aftershock

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How do you get mentioned in the same breath as George Clooney and Michael Bay, but with your feet firmly planted in the world of independent film? Ask Eli Roth. The writer, director, producer and actor has managed to circumnavigate the studio system while still making a name for himself among the Hollywood elite, starring in Inglourious Basterds and writing and directing Hostel and Hostel: Part II, which together grossed over $60 million worldwide. He wrote, produced, and stars in his latest film, Aftershock, but left the directing to Chilean filmmaker Nicolás López. Working with López, eleven years his junior, Roth realized that "being in love with film was slowing me down." After six years, he's back in the studio with Elvis, and candidly shares his observations about how much the industry has changed, for better and for worse.



Banner image: Eli Roth (L) on the set of Aftershock with director Nicolás López. Photo: Eduardo Moreno


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