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son_of_rambow.jpgIf you were creating an indie comedy about two London boys coming into their own in the 80's, the last title you'd use is Son of Rambow – unless you're writer-director Garth Jennings (The Hitchkikers Guide to the Galaxy). Garth and his producing partner, Nick Goldsmith, are known as Hammer & Tongs, a UK-based production company famed for its music videos, such as Coffee & TV by Blur.

Son of Rambow,  a charming comedy that takes place in 1980's England, tells the story of a young boy called Will Proudfoot, whose upbringing in a religious sect forbids interacting with modern life, from singing popular songs to watching TV. Will becomes an unlikely friend to the school bully, Lee Carter, and after he watches a pirated copy of  Rambo: First Blood. Will and Lee set out to make their own version of the film. So ensues a story of friendship and family, complete with dodgy 80's hairdos and the all important trendy French exchange student.



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