Guillermo del Toro: Pacific Rim

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lacmafilmpreview.jpgIf you haven't seen  Pacific Rim , Guillermo del Toro's futuristic epic in which man-made robots wage war against Japanese sea monsters, Del Toro suggests that you do so in 3-D, on the biggest screen possible. For him, part of the fun of a genre film is periodically reminding the audience of its massive scale, which he does by contrasting scenes of metal giants in underwater battles with a clicking Newton's Cradle in a deserted office building. In this bonus episode of The Treatment, recorded as part of the Film Independent at LACMA screening series, del Toro talks about the challenges of making a film that functions as a summer blockbuster but articulates something very different. Plus, why he hopes the film will help prove that post-conversation 3D can be great. 




Jenny Radelet